Kickstarter Campaign Afoot for Twisted Side-Scrolling Adventure NetherWorld

We can all get behind the idea of using Kickstarter to help crowdfund a classic love story, and that’s exactly what Spanish developers Hungry Pixel are hoping to do with their new game, NetherWorld. Mind you, in this case we have a love story involving a shadowy monster whose wife left them for someone with larger tentacles, sending them into a spiral of depression and several depraved encounters as seen in trailer below (warning, probably NSFW), which is the norm for this titular world. But nonetheless, a love story.

In all seriousness, it does look like a rather intense platformer with some enticing pixel artwork, boasting a surreal story, a ton of weapons and accessories to work with, and epic boss encounters inspired by Shadow of the Colossus, of all things. You can check out more on the game’s Kickstarter page, where the developers have set a goal of €5,000. And with a quarter of that already raised in just a few days, things are looking good so far for our tentacled friend, and if all goes well, NetherWorld could hit the PC (and the Switch, if a stretch goal is met) by March 2019.