New Detective Pikachu Trailer Showcases Some Colorful Characters

It may still seem weird that a game – or even a concept – like Detective Pikachu even exists for Nintendo, but it’s hard not to be at least slightly intrigued by the idea alone. With a month to go before the game’s release, though, a new trailer has been unveiled showing off more of the game and its world with an emphasis on the various characters that you’ll encounter, in addition to a few bits of gameplay and a shot of humor as well.

As seen below, we get a bigger look at the inhabitants of Ryme City, where our non-Pokémon protagonist Tim’s father has gone missing, and where certain Pokémon are mysteriously rampaging. To solve this story means interacting with the likes of fellow investigators, members of the local GNN news family, and the barista who makes the perfect cup of coffee for Pikachu. Oh, and Mewtwo, who seems to have mysteriously popped up. We also see a few parts involving puzzle-solving, moving around locations, and even a QTE or two, a bit the norm for modern adventure games. Alongside this trailer, the official site for the game was launched, where you can check out even more about the game and its characters. Detective Pikachu is due out on March 23 for the 3DS, and it may just be crazy enough (and legitimately good enough) to work.