Obtain Regigigas and Heatran from the March Edition of Legendary Giveaways

Legends continue their dominance of the Pokémon landscape with another monthly release. Last month trainers were able to pick up Palkia and Dialga. Now, March will feature two new behemoths for your Pokédex.

Regigigas and Heatran made their debut in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Both are pretty tough and definitely give you quite the battle. At least you will now be able to put them on your team if you are signed up with the Pokémon Trainer Club. Doing so before March 1 means you are guaranteed to receive download codes for these Pokémon via the March newsletter. Depending on what copy of the game you have will determine the version of either Regigigas or Heatran you receive. Those with Sun and Ultra Sun get Regigigas but one will be at a higher level and with different attacks. The same goes for Heatran and whether you have Moon or Ultra Moon.

Learn more about the giveaway on the official Pokémon website. Then, check out the video below to watch Pokémon producers discuss these two Legends.