Screenshot Saturday Featuring God’s Gift, Blazing Chrome, Many More

Screenshot Saturday is the weekly Twitter event where every developer with something to show posts their progress, resulting in a huge series of updates on everything under the sun.  Some games make their debut, others return week after week, and some even come with a demo.  It’s a lot to take in and this feature cuts it down to about a dozen or so images.  There’s no practical way to feature every deserving title, though, so it’s always worth a stroll through the Twitter tag to see what got left behind.  As for what’s included, it’s all waiting below ready to get moving with the click of an image.

God’s Gift-  Travel as an eldritch god herding a pack of cultists past the dangers lurking in ancient realms, keeping them alive just long enough to sacrifice them at the appropriate altars.  It’s not so much that you care about their lives as it is needing them to die for the proper reason, which is to increase your unholy powers.

Dusky Depths-  It’s the small things that bring a scene to life, such as the way the flares glow through the mist in as perfect a depiction of the firework effect as I’ve seen.

Stay-  Quinn is trapped in a room with nothing but a PC and his only hope is you, the person on the other end of the chat.  There is no pause, with the adventure playing out even if you need to shut down for a while, and Quinn is coming apart at the seams due to whatever it is that’s trapped him.  This melancholy piece of music doesn’t bode well for his survival.

Double Kick Heroes-  A metal band drives through the postapocalyptic wasteland being chased by zombies, mutants, and other hideous abominations of wasted humanity.  The music provides the beat for the drummer to pound out the firepower, with each of the two bass drums being attached to a gun.  Pound the notes to trim the horde down to size before they wreck your ride.

Blazing Chrome- 2D run & gun action that is as close to something you’d find in a 90s arcade as humanly possible.  It’s got a strong Data East feel to its art while still also having the obvious Metal Slug and Contra influences.  That’s good company to be in.

2 Expensive 2 Break- Made for Destruction Jam, about controlling a truck with a wrecking ball that’s a bit springier than one would want for precise control. Try to break only the things you’re supposed to destroy without causing too much collateral damage.  Rack up the points by lasting as long as possible without destroying so much that it’s Game Over, but in actual practice I found myself aiming for the lowest score I could get.  Follow the link in the tweet to give it a play.

Pig Eat Ball- Binge and purge through dozens of levels, eating all the balls to get bigger and then barfing it out again to slim down or attack.  It contains hundreds of levels that constantly play with the game mechanics in both action and puzzle modes, plus a good number of tributes to classic arcade games, all wrapped up in a weird art style.

Apex Racing League-  Cute top-down racer featuring cars from every era of driving, plus unnecessarily nice water shaders.  While it looks like a new Penny Racers at a glance, the racing is far less arcade and more concerned with physics and handling than pure flat-out speed.

Unnamed- Glowy giant neon lasers are the best lasers. The metal walls glowing red-hot after soaking up the blast are a nice touch.

Blazing Legion-  It would be nice to have a week where Blazing Legion didn’t require a mention but that’s not happening today.  Fight epic high-speed bullet hell battles in a giant robot, or turn around and head back to your ship so you can see the launch sequence over and over again.

Deathtrash-  Dark, squishy, grimy, and disturbingly organic action/RPG.  Taurus V is in sad shape centuries after a war and, while civilization is finally rising again, there are also giant Ancients causing trouble.  Help make it worse or work to save as many as possible, it’s completely your choice.

Rifter- Run, dash, swing, and jump through neon levels that start off ornery and then get downright unkind as they put your skills to the test. All that electricity lining almost every surface has got to be doing terrible things for the planet’s power bill.

0°N 0°W- Pronounced Zero North Zero West. Go walkabout in the undiscovered dimensions just to see what you can find. No threats, nothing to kill, but plenty of new worlds to get pleasantly lost in.

Bonus Image

Unnamed- Getting things just right takes endless testing. Not a lot of dignity, but plenty of testing.