The Alliance Alive Has A Demo Available in the 3DS eShop

Handheld RPG enthusiasts looking forward to the launch of The Alliance Alive next month now have a chance to get some early hands-on time with the game. Atlus announced today that fans in North America can now download a demo for the game from the Nintendo eShop on their 3DS. European fans will also get access to the demo, but will unfortunately have to wait until March 1 before they can do so.

The demo puts players in control of protagonists Galil and Azura at the outset of their adventure. They’ll get a chance to do a small amount of exploring in the game’s “Rain Realm” and get a taste of The Alliance Alive’s take on turn-based combat. Those planning on picking up the full game eventually have an added incentive to play through the demo, as completing it will award players with 4,000 talent points to put into upgrading their characters in the full game.

The Alliance Alive launches for Nintendo 3DS on March 27 in all regions.