Talisman Lite Gets ‘Limited Time’ iOS Release, Samurai Arrives in Digital Edition

Nomad Games and Asmodee Digital have announced that Talisman: Digital Edition has received a free-to-play version on the App Store.

According to Nomad, Talisman Lite includes the base content from the retail version of the title, multiplayer, cross-platform play and leaderboards.

Players will also be able to transfer Talisman DLC from other platforms into the Lite version, Nomad and Asmodee confirmed.

Talisman Lite is a 79.5MB download — the same as the Digital Edition — and will be available for a “limited time only on iOS.”

There are no current plans for the Talisman Lite offer to arrive on Android, Nomad said on Twitter.

Nomad has also revealed that a new character, Samurai, has made its way to Talisman on PC and mobile devices.

The Samurai, Nomad said, is an “interesting addition” to the Digital Edition, with her last appearance being in Talisman: The Adventure in 1986.

“The Samurai returns to the land of Talisman to fight for the Crown of Command,” reads Nomad’s description for the character. “She has spent her time in the wilderness wisely, honing her skills in the martial arts, including Kyūjutsu and jiu-jitsu.”

The Samurai Character Pack is priced at $1.99 (£1.69) on Steam.

“That’s a pretty great start to the year for Talisman and there will be more great giveaways and improvements throughout 2018 in honor of the 35th anniversary of the boxed edition this year,” Nomad said.