Nintendo Releasing Official Breath of the Wild Soundtrack

The music in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild might have been a bit more subtle and while the argument can be made that it lacked much of the immediate and melodic charm that the series has always managed to garner over the years, that’s not to say that the unconventional (least in the case of Zelda games) approach to sound design and music wasn’t but another interesting aspect to what was a very different Zelda game. Now, Nintendo have today announced that they plan to release a boxed edition of the game’s soundtrack in both limited and standard 5xCD sets, however the release has only been confirmed thus far for Japan on April 25, with no indication on whether it will be available for either North America or Europe.

The standard edition comes with the game’s complete 211-song soundtrack — with music from The Champions Ballad DLC included as well — and an accompanying booklet featuring developer commentary. The first-print limited edition, on top of this, will also come bundled with a “play button” portable music player of sorts that comes pre-loaded with a select 15 tracks across the entire series (but can’t be edited/replaced in terms of the given playlist). That’s it below.

Breath of the Wild Play Button

You can pre-order a copy of both limited and standard edition soundtrack via Play-Asia here and here.