Saebyeolbe with the Clutch Point Touch

Week in, week out we get to see the best plays from the Overwatch League and Saebyolbe just added to that with the most clutch overtime refresh I’ve ever seen.

If you’ve ever played a match of Overwatch you understand how frustratingly hard it is to touch the point when the overtime bar is near its end. Sometimes it feels like you can be on the point, but OW doesn’t care and DEFEAT is emblazoned across your screen as you rage that you touched it.

Since you know that feeling you should appreciate the fact that SBB not only refreshed the overtime bar here, but he also Recalled, Blinked back in and stuck the Mercy on the payload. It’s masterful and just the kind of thing we expect from the Tracer God himself. Better yet, he refreshed the timer for his team and they managed to finish off the map with all three points. There is no better feeling for a round. You can watch the play here.