Duck-Headed Brawler Pato Box Hits PC on March 16

Have you ever thought to yourself “I sure do love the Punch-Out games, but I wish they had first-person adventure sequences, and were also done in the style of a black and white comic book, and the main character had a duck’s head and found themselves battling evil chefs and sewer dwellers?” Well, that may be an extremely specific request, but Mexican developers Bromio are here to fulfill it with Pato Box, a surreal first-person brawler due out this month.

Playing as Patobox, a champion boxer with the aforementioned duck head, players find themselves betrayed by Deathflock, the organization that was supporting Patobox, now having him stabbed and left for dead. But our hero survives, and now seeks to reclaim his title through one odd journey, as evidenced by the launch trailer below. Between the unique art style, quirky humor, and intriguing gameplay, Pato Box may indeed be one to look out for when it hits PC on March 16, with Vita and Switch versions planned for a possible May release.