Faeland Gets New Gameplay Trailer

Faeland is the latest game in the Square Enix Collective, and will get a Kickstarter campaign soon to help in its funding. The game stars a green tunic-clad blonde boy who deals damage with a sword and protects himself with a shield. It’s a Metroidvania, and in theory, sounds a lot like a modern take on something like the Legend of Zelda 2. Attempts at something like this have been done before by fans with Legend of Princess, but this is the first time a major company has attempted to publish such a game.

The gameplay trailer showcases a highly-detailed pixel art style, and while the game’s page hypes it up as being an 8-bit inspired game, the visuals are definitely more in line with highly-detailed 32-bit pixel art that users would be accustomed to on something like the Saturn or PlayStation. There’s no timetable on how complete this incarnation of the game is either – but it does show a lot of promise and the action appears to find a nice balance between speed and precision. We’ll be keeping an eye on the game’s progress and its Kickstarter campaign as time goes on.