Prey Could Really Use a Good Expansion Right Now

The year of 2017 was in many ways a great year for gaming. It was year that came out swinging with games like Nier: Automata and Persona 5, and it was a year that kept on giving with the likes of Super Mario Odyssey and Cuphead. In a year so full of stand-out releases, to be anything less was to either be panned or quickly forgotten. Prey (2017) was one of those games. It was by no means a flawless game and it wouldn’t be fair to compare it with a massive hit like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but it was still a game filled with entertaining ideas and it deserves better than to be forgotten as failed reboot of an Xbox cult-classic. Fortunately, Prey might just get the second chance it so desperately needs.

Over the weekend, a rather cryptic tweet appeared on the official Prey Twitter feed.

*Beware, slight spoilers for Prey lie ahead*

This enigmatic combination might not mean anything to most viewers, but it’s a message filled with possibilities to eagle-eyed Prey fans. There are a only a couple of things this image and question could refer to. The first and most obvious is the game’s resident alien threat, The Typhon. It’s never made clear what exactly the Typhon are beyond the fact that they are alien. The humans of Talos I know that the Typhon lack empathy and maintain some sort of hive mind, but they know very little aside from that. There is nothing concrete about their motives, their intelligence or their goal. It’s not even clear if their versions of such concepts would even be understandable to humankind. With all that in mind, the above tweet asks a question that can only be answered with “no” at the moment. With that being the case and Prey being almost a year old already, the only real reason to ask that question is to hint that more information is forthcoming.

One mustn’t forget that panning shot of the Moon either. If “out there” referred to somewhere out in the cold recesses of space, that short video wouldn’t have ended with the Moon sitting right smack-dab in center frame. Also, dedicated perusal of documents in Prey, specifically an excerpt from an in-game book called “Pioneers of Space Industry” reveals the existence of a facility called “Pytheas” on the Moon. It’s described as a cold, dark and cramped network of tunnels located deep within a crater surrounded by kilometers of ice on the dark side of the Moon. Such a place would be the perfect setting for a DLC expansion, as it would be isolated enough that even more dangerous research could be performed in secret from even Talos I; it’s the perfect place for housing more Typhon secrets. The question “do we really know what’s out there” practically screams that the Pytheas facility is not quite what it appears to be. “A network of cramped tunnels” would also offer plenty of visual and structural contrast to Talos I’s high-tech and often luxurious spaces. It’s a distinct and isolated location that has already received the necessary foreshadowing. All that’s left is for Arkane Studios to do something with it.

The Prey of 2017 isn’t a top-tier game, but it offers players enough to deserve some time in the sun. It didn’t get its chance last year thanks to the sheer number of excellent releases. With 2018 being comparatively sparse, however, a quality DLC expansion would be just what the game needs to climb out of the forgotten pit it’s currently sitting in. There’s still plenty of untapped potential in Prey and the groundwork for expansion has been there since launch. Now that fans have this mysterious tweet straight from the developer, the proverbial iron is heating up again. If Arkane gives it the best strike they can at just the right moment, they might just be able to pull Prey back out into the light.