God of War to Take Full Advantage of PS4 Pro

Sony Santa Monica have published details on what PS4 Pro owners can expect from God of War.

God of War is a franchise well known for pushing hardware to it’s limits. God of War (the first one) and God of War II pushed the PS2 to its limits, Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta redefined how good a portable game could look, and God of War III stunned at a native 1080p resolution on PS3. Now, it’s God of War’s turn to stun on PS4 and, specifically, PS4 Pro.

Yesterday, Sony announced a Limited Edition PS4 Pro model that’ll launch alongside the game, and, God of War is set to take full advantage of that enhanced hardware. Owners of a Pro and a 4KTV will get to enjoy a dynamic 4K resolution achieved through a 2160p checkerboard technique, similar to what we saw in Horizon Zero Dawn. Those with a Pro and a 1080p TV can enjoy increased image clarity through supersampling. HDR will be supported across all PS4 models, as long as you own a TV that supports it.

God of War is out April 20 on PS4. The PS4 Pro bundle launches the same day forĀ $399.99.