Pure-Action Medieval FPS Amid Evil Readies an Early Access Launch Date

If you don’t keep a close eye on it evil tends to get into everything.  Ancient crypts, derelict temples, abandoned labyrinths, and sewers of any age tend fill up with evil’s minions, and the only way to root it out is by taking the meanest arsenal you can find into the heart of the infestation.  Running at full speed like squirrel on meth isn’t absolutely required but still quite helpful.  Put that all together in a medieval setting and you’ve got Amid Evil, which sees you tearing through intricate buildings and catacombs while flinging magic at everything in your path.  It’s basically a fusion of Heretic and Quake, and with today’s announcement it now has a release date of March 12 for the Early Access debut.

I’ve been playing an early version of Amid Evil for a while now and can report that, yes, it’s already pretty great.  The current build only has a three-level chapter available, plus boss fight at the end, but the level design is amazing and its weapons wonderfully creative.  The first enemy-filled level after the hub world starts you off at the top of a cliff above a lake sitting in front of a church, and you can find several secrets before even entering the building.  Levels are big and twisty, filled with interconnected passages, and you can speed-run or hang out and mine for hidden goodies at your leisure.  Weapons are quirky in that they’re very powerful when used right but you need to figure out how to manage their weaknesses first, such as the slow-firing scimitar that shoots out a green slashing shot that can hit multiple enemies.  The only complaint I’ve got, in fact, is that so far is that all the enemies are “a guy that…”, such as “a guy that runs at you”, “a winged guy that shoots lightning”, or “a stocky guy that throws spiked bombs”.  Put a number of them in a room with multiple angles of attack, though, and it’s hard to care too much about the enemy design while dodging and returning heavy mystical firepower.

When Amid Evil hits Early Access next week it brings a few upgrades beyond what I’ve gotten to see so far.  The single campaign chapter in the preview build gets joined by two more, and an endless mode spawns enemy waves for as long as you can survive them.  The new video below shows off this mode, and it looks like a nice round of score-chasing right up until the player commits suicide at the end.  Check it out and get ready to slash, electrocute, bludgeon, and explode everything that stands in your way before they do the same to you.