Cities: Skylines Soars Past Five Million Sold Mark

On the cusp of its third birthday, developer Colossal Order — together with Paradox Interactive — have today confirmed that since its original release on March 10 in 2015, Cities: Skylines has now sold in excess of five million copies on PC alone. The game was later ported to Xbox One & PS4 in April and August of last year respectively, however no sales figures from either console have been revealed. It’s taken roughly two years for the game to move past its previous milestone of two million which it managed back in 2016 to sell an additional three million even without the sales support of consoles.

With sim-management games continuing to be popular even after so many years on the dominant PC platform, it’s no surprise that Cities: Skylines quickly became a fan favorite — aided perhaps by the catastrophic release of EA/Maxis’ SimCity in March 2013 — yet proved itself, more importantly, to wield both the performance and the content to the point that it currently holds a 91% approval rating on Steam, with a number of add-on’s and expansions released thereafter.