Indivisible’s Battle System Gets Update Video

Skullgirls developer Lab Zero Games has been working on a Kickstarter-backed action-platforming RPG for a while now and it’s looking just as distinct as their colorful fighter was. Fans of Skullgirls will know that Lab Zero Games are no strangers to depth, and that is all the more apparent with what’s been revealed about Indivisible thus far. The fighting game roots definitely shine in the game’s battle system, with air-juggling combos and high-low attack combinations which can break an enemy’s guard. There’s certainly still very much to come for Indivisible on all fronts, even despite the recent updates. So far, though, the game’s potential is only improving by the reveal.

See the update video for Indivisible below. Indivisible’s latest updates will be coming to the Kickstarter Backer Previews in the near future.