Rainbow Six Siege’s Outbreak DLC Out Today

The combination event and Operation is out today for Rainbow Six Siege, which is the fist drop of the game’s official Year 3 content, Ubisoft announced today.

The update comes with two new operators and the limited time co-op mode where three players are thrown into a zombies-like mode. The new operators are Lion and Finka, who are biohazard specialists and will be especially effective in the new mode. The characters are French and Russian, respectively.

A good number of smaller updates will come with the update today as well. First, the Renown cost for the twenty original characters will be removed for those with the Standard, Advanced, Gold, or Complete editions of the game. For those just now jumping into Siege, those who purchase the Standard Edition will get six random Operators for free, rather than the two that were given out previously. The six Operators will consist of three Attackers and three Defenders.

Rainbow Six Siege is out now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.