Super Seducer Appears to Have Been Removed from PlayStation Store

The FMV-styled game centering around the ability — and methods — of picking up girls, Super Seducer, appears to have been pulled in its entirety on PlayStation’s official store. While the game released as usual on PC, via Steam, its expected release date of March 6 on PS4 looks to have suffered a last-minute withdrawal by Sony themselves. A quick search for the game on the official store front offers no mention of the game as well.

Unsurprisingly, for a game of this ilk, Super Seducer has very quickly garnered its fair share of blowback and criticism from certain corners of the vocal gaming community, but regardless of the attention it’s been getting, it’s safe to say that controversy or not, the game still appears to have turned out rather disappointingly and does no favors for those developers looking to bring back the FMV genre in style, let alone high quality.