Azure Saga: Pathfinder Hits Steam on March 13

Steam has been a haven for RPGs for quite a few years now, but 2.5D entries in the genre have been few and far between. Isometric viewpoints are even harder to find in RPGs now, but have been used effectively in games like Dark Savior, Landstalker, and Super Mario RPG. Azure Saga tells the tale of a land called Azure, where a young scientist named Synch heads to in an effort to reunite with his father. The game features a mixture of flatlands, caves, and high-tech areas. It will use turn-based combat and features a lot of loadout customization to better-optimize your roster on the battlefield. After a long development cycle, the game’s final release date has been set for March 13 – and early adopters on Steam can save 25% off buying it on launch week.