The Darwin Project Now Available in Early Access

After a crop of successful Alpha and Beta tests, Canadian-based developers Scavengers Studio have finally let their survival-based battle royale game The Darwin Project loose into the untamed wilderness of Early Access and Game Preview. And as its premise involves a post-apocalyptic game show in the freezing North, it seems appropriate that the new trailer accompanying this announcement highlights the Director, the mysterious being who instigates everything…and allows players to become the Director themselves, altering and the game and how it’s seen in various ways, even allowing spectators to vote on certain aspects.

While the new clip highlights a bit of the twisted sense of humor, a more sincere gesture came from the development team, who are giving complimentary Early Access versions to anyone who participated in the aforementioned Alpha and Beta tests. The Darwin Project is now available on Steam and on Xbox One through Game Preview, and if you’re into battle royale games, it may be worth checking out.