Dead Cells Gets a New Update, ‘Hand of the King’

Recently, Motion Twin unveiled their latest update to Dead Cells, their smash hit roguelike platformer. Titled “Hand of the King,” not only does this new update add a load of new content and various gameplay tweaks, but this is also going to be the game’s last major update in Early Access, meaning the next one is for the much-anticipated full release. Until then, though, this new addition should please owners of the game before that big day comes.

As mentioned in the vlog below, the update adds a new level (The Castle), a new boss, a new “Nightmare” difficulty with stronger enemies and no flask refills, and changes to dodging so that it no longer cancels chained attacks, among other things. You can view the full list of additions and changes on the game’s official site, and then check out the Hand of the King update available now in Dead Cells.