Explore Google Maps with Mario Kart on MAR10 Day

March 10 is when we all gather together for a special holiday– MAR10 Day! Celebrate in anyway you wish by playing your favorite Mario games, watching the Mario Bros. movie or throwing a themed Mario Party! This year Google has gotten in on the fun with a neat addition to the Google Maps app.

Make sure you have the most up-to-date version of the app. Open it up, enter a destination you wish to travel and press the question mark block. You can see have Mario drive around while following the route. It must be used from your Current Location and only seen in the driving direction mode. There isn’t much else to it but Mario will certainly make your travels more enjoyable as long as there aren’t any banana peels or Koopa shells on the road.

The feature lasts for a week which means you can enjoy the holiday for more than just a day. Check out the short video below to see Mario in action on the Google Map. Then, hit the road and celebrate Mario Day anyway you wish!