Shanghai Dragons Give New Player Update

We’ve all been expecting to see the new look Dragons for some time now, but knew it would be later within the Stage 2 widow. To help up to the end the Dragons have given an update as to when we can expect to see the new players on their roster.

In a tweet, the Dragons have said that the four players: Sky, Geguri, Fearless and Ado; are expected to have their Visa interview on March 15. After that, they are expected to arrive in the U.S. on March 31.

With this new information, we can expect to not see the new lineup at any point in the current stage as it ends on March 24 with playoffs happening on March 25. Though we all want to see them in action this actually works better for the team as it gives them a little more time to practice. Stage 4 will not start until April 4 with the Dragons have the first match of the day against the Dallas Fuel.