Screenshot Saturday Featuring FlyPunchBoom, Cheonsa, Many More

There’s something new to see every week in Screenshot Saturday, whether that be a brand-new game never seen before or a feature on a favorite title in development.  It’s a huge outpouring of information, hundreds of tweets deep even if you filter out the retweet-bots, and this feature pulls about a dozen or so from the pile plus a bonus image.  It’s not an exact count, though, so if it runs a bit long blame it on too much good information to impose an artificial limitation on the day.  Everything all at once is a bit overwhelming, but there’s plenty of great images and animations left behind if you feel like going exploring.  For the short version, though, check out the week below and make sure to give everything a chance to move so it can show what it’s got in store.

Cheonsa- Action/FPS that’s as much Doom as it is Mario. How that actually plays out is going to be fun to see, but it’s got a giant worm-boss shooting out force rings you need to jump over while it also spawns cute little baby worms so the game is off to a good start.

Not F-Zero-  For a grey-box low-poly ultra-early futuristic racer that’s less than two weeks into gestation that’s about as F-Zero as it’s possible to be.

Tracks- Build the biggest wooden train track you’ve ever seen and then hop in the engine for a first-person ride around your creation.  At no point will it ever be anything less than completely adorable.

Parkasaurus- Build a dino theme park, because it’s worked so well in the past. Everyone knows that multi-ton lizards can be constrained by the unbreachable strength residing in the mighty wooden fence.

FlyPunchBoom- Aerial brawler where damage is best dealt by utterly destroying any part of the environment unlucky enough to get between you and your opponent. The art and animation do a great job of bringing the fighters and their bizarre battle arenas to life when the camera is a little closer.

Ridiculous Rugby-  For as much as I know about rugby this may be a sim.  At least, I really hope real-life rugby plays out exactly like this.

ThruntXL-  Thrust-type flyer where you need to not crash into things.  The level, on the other hand, is all about crashing into you.  The original is available on but this is a newer, shinier version.

Blazing Legion- Over-the-top aerial mech combat action that never looks anything less than completely stunning. It hurt a bit to leave it off last week’s feature but in theory at least it can’t be in every roundup.

Burning Bridges- Explore vertical areas with a gun that shoots bridges, finding your way from one platform to the next on a quest to reach the exit at the top of the level.  The bridges don’t hang about forever, though, and if you take too long will crumble out from beneath you.  Of course, you can always shoot out another bridge beneath your feet, so it’s pretty hard to die.

Kabounce- Multiplayer combat pinball. Bounce around the arena with each hit on a target generating score and combo, with the higher it getting the more you’re worth as a target to the other players. Bank the points in the goal as quickly as possible or live life on the edge, building a massive score that would be heartbreaking to lose. It’s not an easy choice.

Unnamed-  Still not a lot of detail on this one but a lightning gun like that says everything that needs to be said.

Unnamed-  Mech action-shooter, again with the “not a lot of info” thing going on about it.  Fast and shooty, though.

Blasters of the Universe-  VR shooting gallery where the bullets come in thick and furious.  Standing there shooting isn’t going to work too well, because you need to dodge, weave, duck, and always keep moving to avoid the swarms of firepower heading straight into your face.  It’s been out on PC for a while now but only recently landed on PS VR.

Bonus Images

Scrap Story- Pretty art is all kinds of nice but a design document means the effort put into creation and polish actually pays off. If you’re a seasoned dev with decades of experience you can feel your way towards the goal, but regular mortals work best with a focused plan.

Unnamed- Just a radish taking a well-deserved break after a long day of doing radish stuff.