’90s-Inspired FPS Amid Evil Now Available in Early Access

New Blood Interactive already have one successful throwback to ’90s first-person shooters in Early Access right now thanks to Dusk, but why stop at just one? As was announced last week, New Blood and developers Indefatigable have now released their Heretic/Hexen homage Amid Evil on Early Access for all to enjoy. And with this initial release comes a new trailer for the game which, as always, you can check out below in all of its glory.

Currently, the Early Access version of the game features three episodes compared to the seven that the final version will have, and you can get glimpses of each episode’s area in the trailer. In addition, we also get another peek at the “Hordes of Evil” endless mode, which will have more arenas in the full release. Even as is, though, this fight to take back sacred weapons from evil forces looks quite impressive as is, so old-school FPS fans may want to consider scooping up Amid Evil on PC right now to help improve it even further.