Aleron’s Lie is This Week’s Featured Game on Square Enix Collective

Square Enix Collective is a curated platform meant to help independent developers get their idea out in front of players and receive direct feedback on their ideas. Each week, the platform features one game for gamers to look over, comment upon, provide feedback for, and vote on. This week’s game is “Aleron’s Lie: A Drama Mystery Story About an Odd Duo.”

As seen in the trailer above, players take on the role of a man by the name of Aleron. He has become trapped in what was supposed to be his vacation cabin. This would be bad enough, but he soon learns that something has happened to his daughter, and the only way he can escape and return to her is by working with a woman named Nora, who’s name is somehow on his phone and who claims to be in a similar situation at another cabin.

The pitch for Aleron’s Lie frames it as a mystery-puzzle game in which players must cooperate with the mysterious Nora in order to progress. They need to call her to discuss the challenges laid out before them, and they’ll even need to send pictures to her from time to time. Basically, the game revolves around cooperating with an unseen stranger and exploring what exactly such a situation would be like.

Aleron’s Lie has no release date at this time, but the developer plans to release it on PC via Steam. More details for the project can be found at Square Enix Collective.