Dark Rose Valkyrie Coming to PC Via Steam

Dark Rose Valkyrie combined the JRPG formula with a visual novel interview mechanic to create a unique gaming experience last year for PlayStation 4. The game was not spectacular, but it had enough going for it where fans of other Idea Factory and Compile Heart titles could likely forgive its shortcomings as it contained the overall charm and feel we’ve come to expect from that development team. On April 10 Dark Rose Valkyrie will come to PC on Steam and will be available at a twenty percent discount during launch week. Additionally, there will be a permanent ten percent discount for players who purchase the Complete Deluxe Set which includes the game, all DLC and the Deluxe Pack with includes a Character Art Collection, Rough Art Collection, five PC wallpapers and four mobile wallpapers. More information about Dark Rose Valkyrie can be found in our review.