Team17 to Publish Atmospheric Platformer Planet Alpha

Danish indie developer Adrian Lazar has been working on his atmospheric platformer Planet Alpha with a small team ever since 2015, garnering some notable attention over the years. And it looks like it caught the attention of none other than Team17, who have now announced that they will be partnering with Adrian to help publish the game and provide additional resources to better the game even further.

With this partnership comes a new trailer for the game, which you can check out below. It shows off not only a good chunk of some intense action, but also a sample of the incredible graphics and types of savage beauty that this alien planet holds. It surprisingly does not show off our lone astronaut’s ability to rotate the planet and thus change the time of the day, which may come in handy during their journey to uncover more about the planet and how they got there, but it looks quite impressive nonetheless. Planet Alpha is due out for all major platforms later on in 2018, and we’ll keep you updated with future details and impressions of it as they come.