Ball Goes In, Ball Goes Out in Pig Eat Ball Fig Campaign

Balls aren’t food, no matter how tasty they may look.  King Cake has decreed his space-pig daughter Princess Bow must marry whoever can complete the trial he’s created as proof of worthiness, and seeing as the princess wants none of this she sets off into the space station housing the challenge to win her own hand.  Binge-and-purge is generally considered a terrible idea but the space station is packed with balls Princess Bow can suck up and barf out as somewhat-gross projectiles, using them to take out the pillbug army that stands in her way.  Eating balls makes her grow larger, barfing them out again shrinks the princess back to her former svelte figure, and the levels are designed so that you’re constantly balancing the eat/grow, barf/shoot/shrink mechanics to progress.

There are a couple of extremes arcade game design can go to.  On one end, games like Cave’s shooters take a mechanic and focus with laser-intensity on everything it can do- shoot, dodge, work the scoring system. Others, like Space Giraffe, start off with a basic premise and then blow its doors off, exploring every possible idea and then throwing more and more variations into the mix until the game is bursting at the seams.  Pig Eat Ball is aiming towards the second extreme, with literally hundreds of levels, a level editor, classic arcade references, a good number of multiplayer modes, giant boss fights, plenty of unlockables, and any other idea Mommy’s Best Games can work in.  It’s been in development for over five years now, after all, so that makes a kind of sense.

Pig Eat Ball landed on Fig today, and at the time of this writing it’s at 28% funded and counting.  Check out the (old) video below to see it in action, or head over to the Fig page for all the information you could ever hope to know without actually going hands-on with the game.