Good Shepherd to Publish Synth-Punk Side-Scroller Black Future ’88

Yet again, it isn’t exactly a shocker to state that we have quite an abundance of Indie games that are procedurally generated, have roguelike elements or are 2D side-scrollers with pixel art. And yet again, though, attention must be given to any title with these elements that still looks amazing, so enter Black Future ’88. The synth-punk shooter from developers SuperScarySnakes not only looks impressive and action-packed, but received a major boost today in the form of Good Shepherd, who have announced that they will be helping to publish the game for PC.

Taking place in an alternate version of 1988, a tower architect by the name of Duncan created a nuclear catastrophe with brutal bombings, leading to the sun being blacked out by perpetual rain and creating a never-ending 1988. Now it’s up to you to scale Duncan’s tower and defeat him before your heart explodes. All of that may sound insane, yes, but as the new trailer below shows with it’s blend of 16-bit graphics, 2D animation, and pulse-pouding gameplay, it’s a beautiful, fun, neon-coated kind of insane.

Black Future ’88 is due out later this year for PC, and stay tuned to Hardcore Gamer for more coverage of it in the coming months.