Overwatch Hero Brigitte Coming Next Week

Brigitte Lindholm is the next character coming to Overwatch and she will be joining the fight on March 20, according to Blizzard.

The date was announced via a tweet from the official Overwatch account, alongside a video about the creation of Brigitte from an artistic standpoint. Ben Zhang, the lead artist on Lindholm’s design, goes through her creation in great detail. See the video down below:

Brigitte is a support class hero, but has a few tank-inspired moves as well. Her choice of weapon comes in the form of a Rocket Flail and Barrier Shield. The flail extended a good distance to hit enemies at a middle range. Her Whip Shot move allows her to throw the flail even farther and bounces enemies back. Any hits Brigitte lands with her flail will heals nearby allies over time with her passive Inspire. Her shield resembles Reinhardt’s, but has a more narrow shape. She can also use Shield Bash to push her enemies away. Repair Packs are on a six second cool down and will heal any damaged allies and give armor to those with full health. Her ultimate is called Rally and allows Brigitte to move faster while providing nearby allies with armor that lasts until the ally takes damage.

See Brigitte’s story video here and get a better look at her move set here. Brigitte is available now in the PTR for testing.