Enjoy a Minute of Minit In Its New Trailer

Devolver Digital is releasing Minit soon in a few weeks, and the minimalist black and white Zelda-esque adventure game looks quite promising, as we’ve discussed before. And since this is a game where you play for exactly one minute before you die and start again, it’s only appropriate that we get a new trailer that lasts exactly one minute as well, which you can check out below. So now you can get a good feel for the game in the time it takes you to complete a session of it.

Showcasing a wide variety of the lands you visit, characters you encounter, and tasks you perform, the clip crams a lot of action into sixty seconds, much like the game itself. The game proper will record any real progress you make and items you collect, so each short time in your life provides even a small reward as you try to eventually lift the odd minute-long curse placed upon you. Minit is due out on April 3 for PC, PS4, and XB1, and those looking for a unique game to play in short bursts should check it out then.