Vehicular Adventure Game Far: Lone Sails Sets Course For a May 17 Release Date

There are quite a few indie adventure games about exploring a post-apocalyptic world out there, but nonetheless, Far: Lone Sails still manages to stand out quite a bit. Perhaps that’s mainly because of its unique visual style, 2D gameplay, or focus on vehicle travel and maintenance, which all seem to add up to one interesting adventure so far. And now we only have to wait two more months before we get to check that adventure out for ourselves, as a May release date has now been announced for the title.

With this announcement comes a new gameplay trailer that you can check out below, showcasing our main character and their unique machine as you help them traverse a massive, dried-out seabed filled with the remnants of a long-gone civilization, creating a bleak yet fascinating world with harsh weather that you’ll have to make it through while keeping your vehicle in good enough shape. It’s an atmospheric journey that definitely shows a ton of promise, and we’ll see if it does indeed make for an enjoyable trip when Far: Lone Sails comes out for the PC on May 17, with XB1 and PS4 versions to follow.