Action-RPG Game Decay of Logos Joins the Rising Star Games Family

To answer the first question some of you may have, no, we don’t know what a third-person action-RPG game has to do with the gradual death of marketing tools, as the title may suggest. However, Portugal-based developers Amplify Creations still aim to developer a potentially interesting work of fantasy nonetheless with Decay of Logos, and now they’re partnered with Rising Star Games to help bring their adventure to all major gaming platforms later this year, as announced in the trailer seen below.

Focusing on the tale of a girl and her elk friend as they seek revenge on one of the King’s sons for destroying their village, the video focuses on the colorful locations you’ll visit and the variety of creatures you’ll come across in battle or otherwise, all while hiking across a huge land filled with tons of lore drawing inspirations from European folklore and high fantasy, among other things. Decay of Logos is due out later this Autumn, and may indeed be one worth keeping an eye on.