Iron Harvest Hits Kickstarter, Immediately Crushes Funding Goal

We’ve highlighted King Art Games and their upcoming alternate history RTS game Iron Harvest here before on Hardcore Gamer, and like many other games, suggested that it may be a title to look out for later. Well, apparently quite a lot of you followed that advice, because the developers began the Kickstarter campaign for the game recently, and found their hefty $450,000 goal met almost immediately. Now, less than a week into things, over $700,000 has already been raised at time of this writing with the first three stretch goals met, and it doesn’t appear like that momentum will be dying down for quite a while.

As seen in the trailer/pitch below, the team has been listening to a lot of community feedback to see what players want from a current real-time strategy game, focusing on gameplay that allows for a lot of time and freedom to go over every move, and making sure to come up with an epic campaign mode that really highlights this mech-filled version of the 1920s and explores the different factions of it, along with many other aspects. So with its funding more than secure, Iron Harvest is looking at a possible December 2019 release window for now, but make sure to pop on by to its Kickstarter page to learn more about the game and chip in if you’d like.