Brigitte Now Playable in Overwatch

Brigitte, the new support/tank hybrid character and Torbjorn’s daughter, is now available to play in Overwatch according to a tweet from their official Twitter account.

She is the twenty seventh character to join the roster, and the seventh support character. She is available in Quick Play and Training, but won’t be available in Competitive until season 10, which won’t be for a while. All skins, gold weapons, and Overwatch League skins for Brigitte are available for purchase as well.

Brigitte’s loadout includes a Rocket Flail and Shield, as well as a passive ability and armor packs. The Rocket Flail heals nearby allies as Brigitte does damage with Inspire, and can be used as a long range boop-er with Whip Shot. With her shield, she can use Shield Bash, which can also push enemies back. Her ultimate, Rally, allows Brigitte to move faster, while providing nearby allies with armor.

Brigitte is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.