Light Fall Gets a New Gameplay Trailer For the Switch

We got a glimpse of Light Fall’s story trailer a short while ago, which focused on showcasing the world of Numbra to us all through some quick animation. We didn’t get any gameplay that time, though. But now with the game having been announced for the Switch as part of today’s Nindies-focused Direct, we get a snazzy new trailer with a lot of fast-paced gameplay that shows our hero swiftly using the Shadow Core, as you can see below.

However, the quicker gameplay here isn’t necessarily just for trailer purposes, as it was announced during the event that the game is gaining a speedrunning mode, allowing players to test how nimble their fingers and how developed their platforming skills are. While the stylish action game’s video here is titled as a launch trailer, no concrete release date has still been announced, with the release window now changed to April (or “Coming Soon” in the clip) as opposed to March when we last saw it. Still, if what we glimpsed today was any indication, Light Fall should be worth the wait when it comes out for Switch and PC later.