Top Position Player Ratings Released for MLB The Show 18

Due to release for early access on Friday and the full retail release on Tuesday, MLB The Show 18 has received a ton of coverage over the past month. Today, San Diego Studios has released the player ratings for the top ten players at each position in 2018. No ratings have been released for Legends as of yet. For current players, the best position player will be Mike Trout with a rating of 93. The best pitcher in the game will be Clayton Kershaw and Kenley Janson with a rating of 92. The team also announced that it will begin streaming at 8PM PST tonight to countdown the minutes until the game is available on the PlayStation Store. You can read the posting, view a summary of upgrades, and see all the top players here. San Diego Studios idea of an all-star roster is listed below. Check out The Spirit of Competition trailer also listed below.

SP – Clayton Kershaw/LAD: 92

RP – Kenley Janson/LAD: 92

1B – Joey Votto/CIN: 87

2B – Jose Altuve/HOU: 91

SS – Manny Machado/BAL: 86

3B – Nolan Arenado/COL: 90

LF – Giancarlo Stanton/NYY: 85

CF – Mike Trout/LAA: 93

RF – Bryce Harper/WSH: 88

C – Buster Posey/SF: 87