Version 1.3.0 Update Available for Pokkén Tournament DX

Just a couple of months ago, players could begin using Aegislash in Pokkén Tournament DX. Now, a new update has arrived as part of the Battle Pack DLC. Take a look at what it comes with.

It has already been known that Blastoise is the latest playable Pokémon. A promotional video of this rough Water-type shows off some of its moves. There is Bubble, Hydro Pump, Water Spout and even some Ice-type attacks mixed in. Then, it Mega Evolves to unleash a powerful, highly pressurized pummeling. Along with this playable addition comes two Support Pokémon in Mew and Celebi. There have also been new clothing and items made available.

Check out the footage below to see Blastoise in action. Download the version 1.3.0 update and begin mastering all its new content.