MLB The Show 18 Cuts Season Mode

A running stable the past few releases for MLB The Show has been the option to continue past saved seasons into new releases. Generally, the previous year’s game could have a season saved that allows users to pick up where that season left off in the newest release. MLB The Show 18 is now available for people who pre-ordered the game, and it is lacking the Season Mode. About a month ago, San Diego Studios announced it was cutting the Online Franchise Mode. That option did not go over well with players and according to some online feedback, neither is this. Players seem to be very picky over the modes they play in MLB The Show. With offering so many different modes, it looks like the developers trimmed some fat this year. Sony responded with the information below, however there will be no carryover season with The Show 18. The game releases for everyone on Tuesday.

Hi folks. While the option for Season mode is no longer available, there are steps you can take to create a similar experience to it within Franchise mode.

1.Set the GM Contracts option to OFF in the mode entry options list.
2.On the Franchise Responsibilities page, set Player Development & GM Tasks to AUTO.
3.From there, you can control how much or how little you want to control by visiting User Settings > Mode Specific Options to tailor what additional areas you want to control.