Picture-Perfect Puzzle Platformer From Light Begins Fig Campaign

After a lengthy amount of praise across multiple festivals (including a nomination for Best Student Game at The Game Awards last year), developers Faffinabout are ready to take their 2D puzzle platformer From Light to the next level. And so a Fig campaign has now been launched for the ambitious title in order to finish an epic three-act story for the game, providing our interstellar nomad Lumen with a tale as interesting as the game’s photogrpahy-based machanics.

The game follows our hero, Lumen, as they attempt to search for their missing friend, Phosphor. A cryptic postcard guides our protagonist to mysterious planet 252-B, once a thriving tourist trap that’s now a near-wasteland with a dead sun and overgrown vegetation. An excited tour-bot named Clarifly meets up with Lumen, tough, and as seen in the trailer below, their camera allows players to paint platforms with light and freeze portions of the world in order to get around certain areas. Evoking the atmosphere of an intergalactic Route 66, From Light definitely seems like a promising platformer indeed, and hopefully it will reach its $50,000 goal. As always, you can check out more details at the game’s official Fig site, and chip in for this odd road trip if you wish.