Stern Firing Up New Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast Pinball

It’s been a while since the last new Stern pinball announcement so one was bound to be along soon, and today is the day that Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast is revealed.  While there had been a teaser trailer giving the name the actual details were nonexistent, but that’s changed with the reveal of the full table layout and the feature-set in Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition models.  It’s a massively colorful table bursting with lively art on every surface, plus a twelve-song fully-licensed soundtrack.

The Pro version is the budget version of the table (if $6K is “budget”) and the one all the pictures below are from.  It features a bank of three drop-shots, four flippers, two metal ramps leading to wire tracks, a captive ball target, and a center bulls-eye ramp straight to the heart of Pharaoh Eddie.  The fancier versions have more toys and mechanical bits, including the center ramp target rising to show a ramp to the underworld, a sarcophagus ball lock, a pair of Eddie toys, and other gadgets and gizmos to bring the board to life.  As for the Limited edition, which comes in at 500 units max, it’s got all of the above plus a mirrored backglass and much nicer speakers.  Pictures of the extra goodies will be along eventually, but for now here’s a ton of shots of the toys and huge number of Eddies from the history of Iron Maiden covering every spare inch of the Pro version.