Thimbleweed Park, Momodora, Kill the Bad Guy from LRG This Friday

Some weeks are more major than others and this one is a biggie from Limited Run Games.  Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight is a fan-favorite, but Thimbleweed Park marks the very first Switch release and the possibility of a new method of availability.  There’s a lot to cover here, so-

Kill the Bad Guy is a black and white and red assassination game where you need to take out a target while making it look like an accident and it’s getting the smallest print run at a tiny 2,300 units on PS4.  Next up is the pixel-art action platformer Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight, also PS4-exclusive at 4,800 copies.  The big one for the week (which is saying something when up against Momodora) is Ron Gilbert’s classic-styled point & click adventure game Thimbleweed Park.

The PS4 version comes in regular (3,500 copies) and big-box PC-style edition with extra goodies inside (2,500 copies), but the Switch version is where things get interesting. It also gets a big-box edition like the PS4, limited to 3,000 units, but the standard version is a pre-order to test the Switch waters.  The order window is a generous two weeks, but the disclaimer is that both Switch versions, whether regular or big-box, are estimated to ship in July.  Step 1) Get order numbers and Step 2) Manufacture, with the latter being where the time-sink comes from.

Thimbleweed Park is a test case for Limited Run Games.  If the numbers are good then the pre-order window will return in the future, but if not then the standard ordering method will return.  Easy availability means people are more likely to wait and then forget, driving the total numbers down, and when games are manufactured to the tiny print runs LRG puts out there isn’t a lot of financial wiggle-room for an underperformer.  There’s a huge amount of Switch enthusiasm, though, so with any luck this will take the “get there now and order fast” pressure from the Friday releases.