PlayStation 4’s TV & Video Feature Gets a UI Refresh

Sony surprised long-time PS4 owners with a pleasant upgrade to the TV & Video area of the console. This part of the console’s UI has been around since launch, and has been functional – but not always the most pretty app to use. The new interface brings content from Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Youtube, PlayStation Video, and PlayStation Vue in a single area without requiring you to go in and out of separate apps. You can pick from various themes if you want and currate content based on genre, or link your PSN and Youtube accounts for recommendations. Finding trending TV content will be easier with PS Vue trends being tracked, and you can still access all of the full video apps if you want using the My Videos area.  This new, streamlined interface is definitely a must for anyone who uses a variety of apps to watch a few things – and prevents a bit of home page clutter on the console too.