Save the Future in Omensight

Omensight puts players in the shoes of the Harbinger, a warrior who is not bound by the linearity of time. Instead, the Harbinger is able to look into the future, foreseeing the end of a land called Urralia. All is not lost, however, as the warrior is summoned to change the land’s fate, seeking individuals who play a hand in how it ends. This means taking part in pivotal events that lead to the end of Urralia and learning what parts of them caused the demise. Of course, this does involve some violence and partaking in flashy battle. With a cast of animal people and high fantasy, Omensight has an intriguing aesthetic and premise to accompany its potential. Fortunately, there’s a trailer that lays some of it out.

See the Narrative trailer below. Omensight is headed to PC and PlayStation 4 later this year.