First Episode of Sonic Mania Adventures Released

A couple of weeks ago at SXSW, it was announced that we would be getting even more Sonic Mania this year with the release of five new animated shorts, titled Sonic Mania Adventures. And as you can tell by the title here, the first episode/part of these adventures, “Sonic Returns,” is now available for all to watch on YouTube. The initial outing is only three minutes long, but still manages to pack in a good amount of action and humor.

Focusing more on dialogue-free, classic cartoon action courtesy of Tyson Hesse, we see Sonic returning back to Angel Island, only to wind up having to deal with another one of Eggman’s schemes. It ends on another comedic note, only to suggest something bigger for next time…but even on its own, it’s still a fast-paced and fluid piece of work to be proud of, with the Sega Shop even commemorating its release with some special keychains you can purchase. No word on when Part 2 of Sonic Mania Adventures will be released, but stay tuned.