Screenshot Saturday Featuring Fallen Gods, Jetboard Joust, Many More

Screenshot Saturday is what happens when everything shows up all at once.  Each week is a huge string of entries from developers big and small with updates on the latest progress, all held together with a single Twitter hashtag.  It’s a ridiculously large outpouring of talent and this feature pulls roughly a dozen from the pile, cherry picked based on the visuals.  There are literally hundreds of entries left behind, though, so it’s always worth taking a peek even if it is a bit like staring directly at the sun.

While this feature is a weekly column it goes on a short hiatus every year around PAX East time, and seeing as that’s this coming week it may be a bit before Screenshot Saturday returns.  It will be back some time in May, or possibly earlier, refreshed and recharged even while the main event over at Twitter continues the party at its regularly scheduled time.

Unnamed- A nice blending of SNES-style pixel-art with a second-generation Game Boy color palette. Kevin has a new ability with the crouching, allowing him to sneak under the shelves away from the testicle-chin monster and grab a shot of healing from the canteen, as shown in the upper-left UI.

Fallen Gods- Combination RPG and choose-your-own-adventure, where encounters are a paragraph of text and a set of options depending on what skills you’ve mastered and gear you’ve discovered. Poor wolf-god Amarok probably didn’t expect to go out that way.

Good Company- Build a world-spanning business empire manufacturing robots, but that’s a bit ambitious for a startup company working out of the back of a garage. If a company can take over the world starting from hanafuda playing cards then going from calculators to robots should be simple.

Desert Child- While the main game is about taking place in hoverbike races to earn enough cash to escape a dying Earth, Desert Child has its priorities straight in knowing the importance of great ramen.  It’s been a while since the Kickstarter demo was updated but it’s still available.

Valfaris- Heavy Metal run & gun action, both in terms of the music and the magazine. Therion used to call Valfaris home before the space-fortress disappeared but now it’s back, changed from paradise into an evil habitat for a growing darkness. It’s hard to be sure guns will fix it but there’s no way to know without trying.

Pocket Fighter X- The last thing fan-games created using licensed characters need is any kind of press, so shhhh… don’t tell! Demo here.

Jetboard Joust- Hop on a jetboard and shoot down the aliens abducting your babies, because that’s what a responsible parent does. Pure arcade action complete with a demo over here.

Killer Auto- Beginning to feel like there should be a permanent @EthanRedd category here. Even though he seems to think “auto” covers a hovership tearing over a landscape straight out of Virtua Racer.

I’m Going to Hell- Point & click adventure game done in an NES style with only a handful of cheats to take advantage of modern systems. The story is unknown but the art is accomplishing fantastic effects with its limited color.

In the Wake of Omen- Hard to say, seeing as there’s not a scrap of info available beyond early art and animation. The lighting effects do a great job of tying the pixel art to the more detailed and natural backgrounds.

Epic Loon- Aliens living out the rest of Forever peacefully undisturbed in a VHS cleaning tape until a videophile started using it like the 90s never ended. Now they’re tearing through his movie collection wreaking havoc in a co-op physics platformer.

Unnamed-  Build a gun in VR from parts and use it to…  Shoot things, most likely, but what kind of things is still to be revealed.  When you’ve stacked a number of barrels and magazines together it can become an insane fountain of bullets spraying every which way, and it should be fun to see what kind of challenge requires that much firepower.

Galactic Bulwark Strike-  Breakout fused with a shooter.  Each defeated wave drops a powerup and you get a choice up upgrades when making the next level.  Initially all you’ve got is the yellow bouncing ball and the paddle at the bottom, with enemies only able to be destroyed by smacking the ball into them, but it doesn’t take long to earn a few useful skills to start mowing down spaceships by the dozens.

Mugsters-  Run through traps while escaping the alien menace, freeing the people they’ve trapped in vats of otherworldly goo.  Or grab a car and drive like mad, although it’s barely faster.    You’re a zippy little guy and if the people you rescue can’t keep up they’re getting squished.

Bonus Image-

Unnamed- Whenever I want to know what’s on tv I ask the pulsing spectral blob hanging out in the living room. It may be an unknowable horror but it’s taste in entertainment is indisputably excellent.

Easter- Easter bunny is a bit careless this year. A chocolate voxel egg was never going to be able to contain the weight and heat of that much liquid gold.