This is What Happened With the Tempest 4000 Almost-Release

Last Wednesday was a strange day in that Tempest 4000, the final Llamasoft iteration on the game the developer is best known for, released for a couple of hours on the PS4 and then disappeared from the marketplace.  Something obviously went wrong somewhere, but the radio silence from Atari left fans mystified.  There was much talk and speculation (including this article here) but without facts there’s nothing to do but sit back and watch the trainwreck and maybe be a little envious as friends who managed to buy Tempest 4000 start their high score runs.

As it turns out, however, there is something to do, and that’s ask.  Atari’s PR is handled by Mario Kroll of Uberstrategist and he’s quite forthcoming about where things went wrong.  Logistical issues on the backend in lining up the launch in all territories caused an unexpected delay, but this happened too late to clear Sony’s deadline.  The PS4 version was in the queue ready to go, which is where the PlayStation blog announcement came from, and the game was already out by the time the launch could be canceled.  The reason Atari and Uberstragist were quiet was because they had nothing to announce, but because Tempest and Llamasoft have a fairly energetic fan-base word managed to spread.  The game is still coming, of course, but when it hits it will be released worldwide on all platforms the same day as the physical release and not all of these elements are ready yet.  The only release date is “soon” but for right now a few lucky people got the game early and the rest of us can only glare at them enviously while waiting for all the background details necessary to launch a game properly get put into place.