Jenny LeClue Receives a New Gameplay Trailer For PAX East

It’s been almost four years since developer Mografi’s Kickstarter campaign for Jenny LeClue began in a successful attempt to bring the titular young detective’s epic tale to life in the form of a graphic adventure game, but the finish line for it is finally in sight. And with the game also set to appear at PAX East 2018 as part of their official Indie Showcase, it only makes sense that we get a new gameplay trailer to celebrate this honor and show off just where Jenny’s journey may take her, which you can naturally see below.

Set in the small town of Arthurton, the game sees Jenny as an aspiring detective seeking adventure, only to regret what they wished for a bit when their mother is accused of murder. Now Jenny has to clear their mom’s name while uncovering some of the town’s more bizarre mysteries, taking them through a wide variety of colorful locations with equally colorful characters and different gameplay mechanics in a meta-narrative tale told by Jenny’s “author,” Arthur K. Finklestein. It looks like it could easily be one of this year’s best graphic adventures and the trailer none too subtly hints at a Halloween release, giving us something too look forward to this Fall. Jenny LeClue will be due out for PC, PS4 and iOS, with the latter version being showcased at PAX East, so make sure not to miss it if attending.