Penny-Punching Princess Launches on Switch, PS Vita Today

Money often represents the easy way out of a problem. Whatever the cause of friction might be, liberal application of cash is almost certain to grease the gears around it enough to get one’s life moving again. Of course, money itself isn’t the answer; it’s just the means. In Nippon Ichi’s Penny-Punching Princess however,  throwing cash at one’s troubles takes on something of a more literal meaning.

Penny-Punching Princess launches today for PS Vita and Nintendo Switch, and it’s bringing its moolah-oriented gameplay with it. This game puts players in the role of “Princess,” a downtrodden royal aiming to gather as much cash as she can and take back control of the kingdom she and her family were ousted from. Cash-based isometric brawling serves as the core of the game, allowing players to buy traps, bribe their enemies and hire their own party. The kingdom may be in danger, but cash is still king in Penny-Punching Princess, and players will need plenty of it if they’re going to help Princess buy her country back.

Be sure to check out our review to see if this game about coin-slinging and cash-flinging is worth dropping some of that hard-earned dough on.