Skies of Fury DX Gets Release Date and New Trailer for Switch

Skies of Fury DX is set to bring exciting aerial dogfighting action to the Switch for the first time ever. This cel-shaded blend of plane-flying fury features a campaign, escort missions, time attack mode, deathmatch, and allows for up to four players via local multiplayer. Skies of Fury DX will hit the eShop on April 12 – and looks to offer a lot of variety for anyone seeking some plane-based thrills on the console. Crimson Skies is one of the most prolific dogfighting games in history, but very few console releases have followed suit – with the biggest console entry being a Snoopy-licensed game that evoked a bit of Crimson Skies’ speed, but little else. Skies of Fury shows great potential, and we’ll definitely be covering it more as the release draws near.